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Customizing your space is what makes it a home. Sometimes you wish you had a handy friend to help you complete your project, give you advice, or lend you tools, I want to be that friend.

About Me

Hello, I'm Mindy Otten-Chen. One of my earliest memories is of watching a company of carpenters building my new home when I was 4 years old. I can remember being mesmerized as pieces of wood were joined together to turn an empty patch of land into a house, my home. That memory combined with my passion for craftmanship has lead me to become a residential carpenter. After more than 10 years of experience I've decided to focus my attention on providing friendly 1-on-1 services centered on taking the frustration and intimidation out of transforming your space into your home.

Work With Me
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Services HandyMin offers

Handyman Project

Home Services


• Kitchen
• Bathroom
• Common rooms

Finish Carpentry

• Accent walls and paneling
• Architectural mouldings and millwork


• Installing manufactured cabinets for kitchens, offices, closets, built-ins
• some custom designed cabinetry

Project design consultation

DIY Coaching

Have you had a project that you have been wanting to finish but aren't sure what the next step is, need help finding the right materials, or even just need to learn how to use the tools involved? I will help guide you to your project completion.

(picture above is of a custom shelf that this client had imagined and I helped her finalize a drawing and then coached her on how to make it.)

project consultation

Video Call

Have a question or need advice on your project? I offer video calls so that you can show me what you're working on and I can help troubleshoot a problem or guide you through your next steps.